Darkness Surrounds Us and We Embrace It

There are things all around us that may go bump in the night.

Darkness Surrounds Us
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Magickal workings
I have created this group to educate people in my beliefs for people who are interested. There are so many people that know the myths of my beliefs and believe these things and are not open to learning the truth. I am Pagan. I do not follow anyone tradition but I'm a hereditary, eclectic Pagan. I come from a line of practicing Pagans all with different ways of practicing. My mom works with Celtic, Norse, and Shamanistic Ways. My grandmother worked with the angels and tarot primarily. I work in Celtic, Norse, Native American, Greek, Egyptian, Hinduism, Nocturnal, and Chaos Magick. Here lately it is Nocturnal and Chaotic. I am also married to a Pagan. He has also studied many traditions. We are working on our private handfasting that will be performed between the two of us at a place of power. I will have more information on that later on. Hope you enjoy the group. Feel free to post your information but be respectful to others and things that they post.

1) Respect all members of the group.
2) Do not post about advertisements about your webcams. Links for your journals will be in the introduction post or any other site you want to advertise.
3) Please make all posts friends only. I will allow you not to do this only once after that I will start rejecting posts.
4) Make sure any information that you post is accurate and correct. Post correct links for source if taken from somewhere. Some people like to know where people get their information.
5) Please fill out the Introduction Questions from the profile page. It is not required fully right now but it will be checked out if this has been done by every member. If you have not posted this when that is done a list will be posted of who hasn't. Instructions on what will be done will be posted after that. This is not only to protect the community but so everyone can get to know each other. And to get rid of lurkers. Though you can leave a message explaining why you haven't posted it for me. I give each case/username consideration.

Introduction Questions
4)Messenger Name: (Doesnt matter which one make sure to specify though)(optional)
5)Religion: (no one will discriminate against you based on religion)
6)Traditions if any:
7)Information you would like to share about yourself:

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